Artificial Intelligence

Scientific journal

The journal has been published since 1995 and is registered with the ISSN International Center.

It is a scientific periodical recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for publishing the main results of scientific research in the fields of "Physical and Mathematical Sciences" and "Technical Sciences" in order to cover new scientific and practical results that have not been published in the open press. The DOI name is assigned to the journal (Digital Object Identifier).


The journal is registered with the ISSN International Center (International Standard Serial Number)

ISSN 2710-1673
ISSN 2710-1681 (ONLINE)
«Stuc. intelekt»

State registration certificate KV №24609-14549PR dated 26.11.2020.

Manuscripts in the following scientific areas are accepted:

  • Conceptual and theoretical problems of artificial intelligence and modeling.
  • Biocybernetic and physical foundations of intelligence.
  • Mechatronics and robotics.
  • Intelligent technologies in communication systems.
  • Intelligent learning systems, e-learning.
  • Natural language processing systems.
  • Image recognition and perception systems.
  • Software and hardware of intelligent systems.
  • Intelligent decision making technologies.
  • Theory and means of computational intelligence.
  • Applied intelligent technologies and systems.
  • Messages, discussions, letters to the editors.

You can read more about the requirements for publications on the page for authors.

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