Artificial intelligence

Scientific journal

ISSN 2710-1673

ONLINE: ISSN 2710-1681

The journal publishes scientific papers in such areas:

№122 «Computer Science»


The thematic focus of the journal corresponds to the research fields of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Problems (Computer Science and Cybernetics, Сomputer Technology and Automation, Systems and Means of Artificial Intelligence).


  1. Conceptual and theoretical problems of artificial intelligence and modeling.
  2. Biocybernetic and physical basis of intelligence.
  3. Robotics.
  4. Intelligent technologies in communication systems.
  5. Intelligent learning systems.
  6. Natural language systems.
  7. Image recognition and perception systems.
  8. Software and hardware of intelligent systems.
  9. Intelligent decision-making technologies.
  10. Theory and means of computational intelligence.
  11. Applied intelligent technologies and systems.