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DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to uniquely identify an article or document, and to provide it with a permanent web address (URL).

In 2020, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Problems of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine entered into agreement with Ltd. Ukrinformnauka (the intermediary between the Institute and the Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. d/b/a CrossRef («CrossRef»), a not-for-profit corporation, organized under the laws of New York, USA, provides services such as assigning DOIs to scholarly content. The services included in the Common Procurement Vocabulary classification system DK 021:2015, code 73210000-7 «Research consultancy services».

DOI fees: 90,00 hryvnias for DOI allocated to current articles (2020-2022), 24,00 hryvnias per DOI allocated to older articles.

CrossRef memebrs need to maintain and update metadata to make the content more discoverable and benefit from the membership.

Web Deposit Form ( allows a member to manually deposit the metadata.

Members need to submit data for the periodicals to be assigned a DOI number.

Form is added to the Appendix, which is an integral part of the Agreement.

According to the CrossRef terms (, the journal's editorial board need to create landing pages for all the submitted articles.

The application form for DOIs for the current articles is submitted after the page layout is completed, but prior to the printing.

According to the CrossRef terms, the journal's data should be deposited on the website of the journal in English.

Members need to fill in the forms for every article after generated DOIs are assigned. 

Upon activation, DOIs are displayed on the first page of the article and the corresponding landing page.

If CrossRef rejects the request to activate DOIs, the members should revise all forms and submit them again (activation of each article will be confirmed).

In 2020, within six months after the fist DOI was assigned, the articles published in 2019 had been indexed.

References for each indexed article should be registered and linked on the corresponding landing pages within thirty days. The reference list (either in English or transliterated) should be placed on the landing page of the indexed article (English language version of the website), and cited using common citation style (for instance, APA style). Cyrillic letters and special characters are not allowed.

You can fill in the registration form on the CrossRef website

( DOI will help your reader easily locate a document from your citation. Think of it like a Social Security number for the article you’re citing — it will always refer to that article, and only that one. URL may change, while DOI remains fixed.