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After the article is approved for publication, the authors enter the License Agreement giving the authorization to use the work. The author owns the copyright.

The journal table of contents with the titles of articles, annotations, keywords and lists of references written using the Latin Script (references) should be posted on the website of the periodical, the full text of the work as it is stated by the author in the License Agreement, immediately after the publication.

The editor-in-chief and editorial staff do not provide information related to the content of the article which is under consideration to third parties, except for those involved in the professional evaluation of this manuscript (peer reviewers).

The editors should give a feedback on claims regarding submissions or published papers. In the event of a conflict, the editorial staff should take all necessary measures to restore the violated rights. If errors detected, the editors should correct them or admit no errors occurred.

The responsibility for copyright infringement and non-compliance with the existing requirements rests with the author of the article. The author and the reviewer are responsible for the accuracy of the facts and data, the conclusion validity, the recommendations reliability, and the theoretical and practical standard of the article.

A review from a research supervisor or Doctor of Science in the relevant scientific field is mandatory for graduate students, as well as the consent for publication (including the permission to publish an electronic version of the article).

Academic authorship. Submission of manuscripts to the journal "Artificial Intelligence" implies that all authors have agreed on the possibility of the manuscripts are added to electronic databases with mandatory indication of authorship and copyright retention by the authors, if accepted for publication. All the external information sources should be cited in the manuscript and formatted as the lists of references including personal previously published papers of the authors. Authors should format references as quotations or links. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable.

A note to authors

Articles published under Creative Commons license are available on the online platform of the scientific journal "Artificial Intelligence".
Users are free to share the licensed work only by indicating authorship and providing a reference.

Лицензия Creative Commons
Это произведение доступно по лицензии Creative Commons «Attribution» («Атрибуция») 4.0 Всемирная

Copyright protection

Authors of articles are obliged to:

  • ensure the novelty, credibility and originality of the research results. The materials of other authors should be cited (name of the author, original source);
  • avoid excessive quoting and plagiarism;
  • avoid self-plagiarism; guarantee that the article is an exclusive material that has not been previously published or submitted for publication;
  • participate in the review process.