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ONLINE: ISSN 2710-1681

The journal only publishes manuscripts in Ukrainian and English.

The article should be formatted in accordance with the formatting requirements. Submissions invited throughout the year. Only articles of scientific value are accepted for publication.

All materials except for informational messages should undergo double-blind external review (the identities of both the reviewer and author are kept anonymous), which is carried out by experts in the subject area (at least 3 reviewers). The aim of peer review is to facilitate the stringent selection of manuscripts for publication and to make specific recommendations for their improvement. The review procedure is focused on an objective assessment of the content of a scientific article, compliance with the requirements of the journal and a comprehensive analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

The main goal of the peer review is to eliminate poor-quality research and to ensure coordination and balance of interests of authors, readers, editorial board, reviewers and the institution in which the study has been conducted.

Reviewers are selected by the editor-in-chief.

The reviewer should handle the article within 10-14 days from the receipt date and send the review to the journal by e-mail.

The article may be rejected or sent back to the author for revision:

If it does not match the scope and policy of journal;

If it does not meet formatting requirements;

If the feedback on the article is negative and contains significant remarks. The revised article should undergo peer review.

After proper revision and receipt of positive feedback, the article is considered at the Editorial board meeting, where it is finally approved by open voting.

The editors reserve the right to edit, reduce the size of the accepted manuscript without distortion of the standpoint of the author.

When the article is accepted for publication, the License Agreement for the use of the work is concluded with each author. The author is the owner of copyright.

The titles of articles, annotations, keywords and lists of references written in Roman script should be posted on the website of the periodical. The full text of the work should be posted on the website immediately after the release of the printed version.

The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board do not provide information related to the content of the article which is under consideration to third parties, except for those involved in the professional evaluation of this manuscript (peer reviewers).

The editors should give a feedback on claims regarding submissions or published papers. In the event of a conflict, the editorial staff should take all necessary measures to restore the violated rights. If errors detected, the editors should correct them or admit no errors occurred.

The responsibility for copyright infringement and non-compliance with the existing requirements rests with the author of the article. The author and the reviewer are responsible for the accuracy of the facts and data, the conclusion validity, the recommendations reliability, and the theoretical and practical standard of the article.

If the author does not possess an academic rank, a scanned review (recommendations) of the research supervisor, certified by the signature and stamp, as well as a letter of request for publication should be sent by e-mail separately from the article file.

Authors can publish their articles free of charge (after review and notification of acceptance for publication).

The author should receive one copy of journal issue in which the article is published. Additional copies can be purchased from the publisher by prior order, sent via e-mail to the editorial office.

At the request of the author, the editors may send him an electronic copy of the article published in the journal.

You can submit your manuscript either through registration on the website of the journal or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can contact us via the same e-mail address.

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